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Enthusiasm is contagious. You could start an epidemic!
Yesterday is the past, tomorrow is
the future. Today is a gift, that is why
we call it the present.....



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In ancient Egypt, the scarab beetle represented Cancer and symbolized the immortal life of the soul. Later, the crab became associated with Cancer. Both symbols have hard shells that provide security for their interiors, just as the body is a vehicle for the soul. And like the crab who carries its home on its back, you carry memories of home and family with you wherever you go. A water sign, you're sensitive and receptive to emotional stimuli. You rely on your feelings to navigate your path in life and possess incisive emotional perception that verges on the psychic. You're impressionable, and your sensitivity to jarring external forces requires you to constantly re-establish emotional balance to function outside your shell.
SECURITY is your keyword. Memories of your early childhood emotional dependence and parental nurturing -- whether optimal or dismal -- are a permanent reminder of the importance of feeling safe. Once you get your grip on anyone or anything that makes you feel secure, you want to hold on to it, store it or stockpile it. You form emotional attachments to belongings that have sentimental value and will even accumulate things that you feel you may eventually need through some unforeseen circumstance. When your level of security is undermined, particularly by domestic disturbances, you can lose your equilibrium, becoming irritable, hypersensitive, snappy, unforgiving, self-pitying and brooding.

.: About Me

I was born in Toronto Ontario Canada, but my family soon gave up the "Big City" for the "City of London Ontario Canada" when I was 9 years old ..feels like a life time now. I have 2 really great fantastic children Brian and Kaitlyn that I think the world of. Which is the reason for my site they really made me think and take a look at life and what's around. I also like trying to find out where my family came from and how we got here so I have been trying my hand at genealogy. I raced cars for a number of years which I found such a rush leaving the line doing 1/4 mile drag racing.

If you came to my site by web searching doing genealogy you may find I have done so much more research on my father's mother's lineage Laura Seymour (Petre )than my mother's lineage of her family I would like it to be known they are just as imporant but my quest has become let the truth be known about the Petre Family of Westwick in United Kingdom.

Interests: Music: Computers...Drag Racing...Genealogy..
Favourite Music: Motown Pop Country

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